PageMetrics constructor Null safety

  1. {required double? minScrollExtent,
  2. required double? maxScrollExtent,
  3. required double? pixels,
  4. required double? viewportDimension,
  5. required AxisDirection axisDirection,
  6. required double viewportFraction}

Creates an immutable snapshot of values associated with a PageView.


  required double? minScrollExtent,
  required double? maxScrollExtent,
  required double? pixels,
  required double? viewportDimension,
  required AxisDirection axisDirection,
  required this.viewportFraction,
}) : super(
       minScrollExtent: minScrollExtent,
       maxScrollExtent: maxScrollExtent,
       pixels: pixels,
       viewportDimension: viewportDimension,
       axisDirection: axisDirection,