shouldInherit static method

bool shouldInherit(
  1. BuildContext context,
  2. Axis scrollDirection

Returns true if this PrimaryScrollController is configured to be automatically inherited for the current TargetPlatform and the given Axis.

This method is typically not called directly. ScrollView will call this method if it has not been provided a ScrollController and ScrollView.primary is unset.

If a ScrollController has already been provided to ScrollView.controller, or ScrollView.primary is set, this is method is not called by ScrollView as it will have determined whether or not to inherit the PrimaryScrollController.


static bool shouldInherit(BuildContext context, Axis scrollDirection) {
  final PrimaryScrollController? result = context.findAncestorWidgetOfExactType<PrimaryScrollController>();
  if (result == null) {
    return false;

  final TargetPlatform platform = ScrollConfiguration.of(context).getPlatform(context);
  if (result.automaticallyInheritForPlatforms.contains(platform)) {
    return result.scrollDirection == scrollDirection;
  return false;