RawKeyboardListener constructor

const RawKeyboardListener(
  1. {Key key,
  2. @required FocusNode focusNode,
  3. bool autofocus: false,
  4. ValueChanged<RawKeyEvent> onKey,
  5. @required Widget child}

Creates a widget that receives raw keyboard events.

For text entry, consider using a EditableText, which integrates with on-screen keyboards and input method editors (IMEs).

The focusNode and child arguments are required and must not be null.

The autofocus argument must not be null.


const RawKeyboardListener({
  Key key,
  @required this.focusNode,
  this.autofocus = false,
  @required this.child,
}) : assert(focusNode != null),
     assert(autofocus != null),
     assert(child != null),
     super(key: key);