RawMagnifier constructor

const RawMagnifier(
  1. {Key? key,
  2. Widget? child,
  3. MagnifierDecoration decoration = const MagnifierDecoration(),
  4. Offset focalPointOffset = Offset.zero,
  5. double magnificationScale = 1,
  6. required Size size}

Constructs a RawMagnifier.

By default, this magnifier uses the default MagnifierDecoration, the focal point is directly under the magnifier, and there is no magnification: This means that a default magnifier will be entirely invisible to the naked eye, since it is painting exactly what is under it, exactly where it was painted originally.


const RawMagnifier({
    this.decoration = const MagnifierDecoration(),
    this.focalPointOffset = Offset.zero,
    this.magnificationScale = 1,
    required this.size,
    }) : assert(magnificationScale != 0,
          'Magnification scale of 0 results in undefined behavior.');