attachToRenderTree method

RenderObjectToWidgetElement<T> attachToRenderTree (
  1. BuildOwner owner,
  2. [RenderObjectToWidgetElement<T> element]

Inflate this widget and actually set the resulting RenderObject as the child of container.

If element is null, this function will create a new element. Otherwise, the given element will have an update scheduled to switch to this widget.

Used by runApp to bootstrap applications.


RenderObjectToWidgetElement<T> attachToRenderTree(BuildOwner owner, [ RenderObjectToWidgetElement<T> element ]) {
  if (element == null) {
    owner.lockState(() {
      element = createElement();
      assert(element != null);
    owner.buildScope(element, () {
      element.mount(null, null);
    // This is most likely the first time the framework is ready to produce
    // a frame. Ensure that we are asked for one.
  } else {
    element._newWidget = this;
  return element;