groupId property

Object? groupId

An optional group ID that groups RenderTapRegions together so that they operate as one region. If any member of a group is hit by a particular tap, then the onTapOutside will not be called for any members of the group. If any member of the group is hit, then all members will have their onTapInside called.

If the group id is null, then only this region is hit tested.


Object? get groupId => _groupId;
void groupId=(Object? value)


set groupId(Object? value) {
  if (_groupId != value) {
    // If the group changes, we need to unregister and re-register under the
    // new group. The re-registration happens automatically in layout().
    if (_isRegistered) {
      _isRegistered = false;
    _groupId = value;