didComplete method

  1. @protected
  2. @mustCallSuper
void didComplete(
  1. T? result

The route was popped or is otherwise being removed somewhat gracefully.

This is called by didPop and in response to NavigatorState.pushReplacement. If didPop was not called, then the NavigatorState.finalizeRoute method must be called immediately, and no exit animation will run.

The popped future is completed by this method. The result argument specifies the value that this future is completed with, unless it is null, in which case currentResult is used instead.

This should be called before the pop animation, if any, takes place, though in some cases the animation may be driven by the user before the route is committed to being popped; this can in particular happen with the iOS-style back gesture. See NavigatorState.didStartUserGesture.


void didComplete(T? result) {
  _popCompleter.complete(result ?? currentResult);