RouteInformationReportingType enum Null safety

The Router's intention when it reports a new RouteInformation to the RouteInformationProvider.

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The accompanying RouteInformation were generated during a Router.navigate call.

const RouteInformationReportingType(2)
neglect → const RouteInformationReportingType

The accompanying RouteInformation were generated during a Router.neglect call.

const RouteInformationReportingType(1)
none → const RouteInformationReportingType

Router does not have a specific intention.

The router generates a new route information every time it detects route information may have change due to a rebuild. This is the default type if neither Router.neglect nor Router.navigate was used during the rebuild.

const RouteInformationReportingType(0)
values → const List<RouteInformationReportingType>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<RouteInformationReportingType>


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