getValue<K extends Object, V> static method

V getValue<K extends Object, V>(
  1. BuildContext context,
  2. K key,
  3. SharedAppDataInitCallback<V> init

Returns the app model's value for key and ensures that each time the value of key is changed with SharedAppData.setValue, the specified context will be rebuilt.

If no value for key exists then the init callback is used to generate an initial value. The callback is expected to return an immutable value because intrinsic changes to the value will not cause dependent widgets to be rebuilt.

A widget that depends on the app model's value for key should use this method in their build methods to ensure that they are rebuilt if the value changes.

The type parameter K is the type of the keyword and V is the type of the value.


static V getValue<K extends Object, V>(BuildContext context, K key, SharedAppDataInitCallback<V> init) {
  final _SharedAppModel? model = InheritedModel.inheritFrom<_SharedAppModel>(context, aspect: key);
  assert(_debugHasSharedAppData(model, context, 'getValue'));
  return model!.sharedAppDataState.getValue<K, V>(key, init);