SizeChangedLayoutNotification class

Indicates that the size of one of the descendants of the object receiving this notification has changed, and that therefore any assumptions about that layout are no longer valid.

For example, sent by the SizeChangedLayoutNotifier widget whenever that widget changes size.

This notification can be used for triggering repaints, but if you use this notification to trigger rebuilds or relayouts, you'll create a backwards dependency in the frame pipeline because SizeChangedLayoutNotifications are generated during layout, which is after the build phase and in the middle of the layout phase. This backwards dependency can lead to visual corruption or lags.

See LayoutChangedNotification for additional discussion of layout notifications such as this one.

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debugFillDescription(List<String> description) → void
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dispatch(BuildContext target) → void
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toString() String
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visitAncestor(Element element) bool
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