SizeTransition constructor

const SizeTransition(
  1. {Key key,
  2. Axis axis: Axis.vertical,
  3. @required Animation<double> sizeFactor,
  4. double axisAlignment: 0.0,
  5. Widget child}

Creates a size transition.

The axis, sizeFactor, and axisAlignment arguments must not be null. The axis argument defaults to Axis.vertical. The axisAlignment defaults to 0.0, which centers the child along the main axis during the transition.


const SizeTransition({
  Key key,
  this.axis = Axis.vertical,
  @required Animation<double> sizeFactor,
  this.axisAlignment = 0.0,
}) : assert(axis != null),
     assert(sizeFactor != null),
     assert(axisAlignment != null),
     super(key: key, listenable: sizeFactor);