buildToolbar method

  1. @override
Widget buildToolbar(
  1. BuildContext context,
  2. Rect globalEditableRegion,
  3. double textLineHeight,
  4. Offset selectionMidpoint,
  5. List<TextSelectionPoint> endpoints,
  6. TextSelectionDelegate delegate,
  7. ValueListenable<ClipboardStatus>? clipboardStatus,
  8. Offset? lastSecondaryTapDownPosition

Builds a toolbar near a text selection.

Typically displays buttons for copying and pasting text.

The globalEditableRegion parameter is the TextField size of the global coordinate system in logical pixels.

The textLineHeight parameter is the RenderEditable.preferredLineHeight of the RenderEditable we are building a toolbar for.

The selectionMidpoint parameter is a general calculation midpoint parameter of the toolbar. More detailed position information is computable from the endpoints parameter.


Widget buildToolbar(
  BuildContext context,
  Rect globalEditableRegion,
  double textLineHeight,
  Offset selectionMidpoint,
  List<TextSelectionPoint> endpoints,
  TextSelectionDelegate delegate,
  ValueListenable<ClipboardStatus>? clipboardStatus,
  Offset? lastSecondaryTapDownPosition,
) => const SizedBox.shrink();