getNotifier static method

ValueListenable<bool> getNotifier(
  1. BuildContext context

Obtains a ValueListenable from the TickerMode surrounding the context, which indicates whether tickers are enabled in the given subtree.

When that TickerMode enabled or disabled tickers, the listenable notifies its listeners.

While the ValueListenable is stable for the lifetime of the surrounding TickerMode, calling this method does not establish a dependency between the context and the TickerMode and the widget owning the context does not rebuild when the ticker mode changes from true to false or vice versa. This is preferable when the ticker mode does not impact what is currently rendered on screen, e.g. because it is only used to mute/unmute a Ticker. Since no dependency is established, the widget owning the context is also not informed when it is moved to a new location in the tree where it may have a different TickerMode ancestor. When this happens, the widget must manually unsubscribe from the old listenable, obtain a new one from the new ancestor TickerMode by calling this method again, and re-subscribe to it. StatefulWidgets can, for example, do this in State.activate, which is called after the widget has been moved to a new location.

Alternatively, of can be used instead of this method to create a dependency between the provided context and the ancestor TickerMode. In this case, the widget automatically rebuilds when the ticker mode changes or when it is moved to a new TickerMode ancestor, which simplifies the management cost in the widget at the expensive of some potential unnecessary rebuilds.

In the absence of a TickerMode widget, this function returns a ValueListenable, whose ValueListenable.value is always true.


static ValueListenable<bool> getNotifier(BuildContext context) {
  final _EffectiveTickerMode? widget = context.getInheritedWidgetOfExactType<_EffectiveTickerMode>();
  return widget?.notifier ?? const _ConstantValueListenable<bool>(true);