of static method

FlutterView of(
  1. BuildContext context

Returns the FlutterView that the provided context will render into.

Throws if the context is not associated with a FlutterView.

The method creates a dependency on the context, which will be informed when the identity of the FlutterView changes (i.e. the context is moved to render into a different FlutterView then before). The context will not be informed when the properties on the FlutterView itself change their values. To access the property values of a FlutterView prefer using the access methods on MediaQuery, such as MediaQuery.sizeOf, which will ensure that the context is informed when the view properties change.

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static FlutterView of(BuildContext context) {
  final FlutterView? result = maybeOf(context);
  assert(() {
    if (result == null) {
      final bool hiddenByBoundary = LookupBoundary.debugIsHidingAncestorWidgetOfExactType<_ViewScope>(context);
      final List<DiagnosticsNode> information = <DiagnosticsNode>[
        if (hiddenByBoundary) ...<DiagnosticsNode>[
          ErrorSummary('View.of() was called with a context that does not have access to a View widget.'),
          ErrorDescription('The context provided to View.of() does have a View widget ancestor, but it is hidden by a LookupBoundary.'),
        ] else ...<DiagnosticsNode>[
          ErrorSummary('View.of() was called with a context that does not contain a View widget.'),
          ErrorDescription('No View widget ancestor could be found starting from the context that was passed to View.of().'),
          'The context used was:\n'
          '  $context',
        ErrorHint('This usually means that the provided context is not associated with a View.'),
      throw FlutterError.fromParts(information);
    return true;
  return result!;