shortcuts property

Map<LogicalKeySet, Intent> shortcuts

The default map of keyboard shortcuts to intents for the application.

By default, this is set to WidgetsApp.defaultShortcuts.

This example shows how to add a single shortcut for to the default shortcuts without needing to add your own Shortcuts widget.

Alternatively, you could insert a Shortcuts widget with just the mapping you want to add between the WidgetsApp and its child and get the same effect.

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return WidgetsApp(
    shortcuts: <LogicalKeySet, Intent>{
      ... WidgetsApp.defaultShortcuts,
      LogicalKeySet( const ActivateIntent(),
    color: const Color(0xFFFF0000),
    builder: (BuildContext context, Widget child) {
      return const Placeholder();

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final Map<LogicalKeySet, Intent> shortcuts