debugFastReassembleMethod top-level property

FastReassemblePredicate debugFastReassembleMethod

Debug-only functionality used to perform faster hot reloads.

This field is set by expression evaluation in the flutter tool and is used to invalidate specific types of Elements. This setter should not be referenced in user code and is only public so that expression evaluation can be done in the context of an almost-arbitrary Dart library.

For example, expression evaluation might be performed with the following code:

(debugFastReassembleMethod=(Object x) => x is Foo)()

And then followed by a call to ext.flutter.fastReassemble. This will read the provided predicate and use it to mark specific elements dirty wherever Element.widget is a Foo. Afterwards, the internal field will be nulled out.


FastReassemblePredicate get debugFastReassembleMethod => _debugFastReassembleMethod;
void debugFastReassembleMethod= (FastReassemblePredicate fastReassemblePredicate)


set debugFastReassembleMethod(FastReassemblePredicate fastReassemblePredicate) {
  assert(() {
    _debugFastReassembleMethod = fastReassemblePredicate;
    return true;