Class FlutterRenderer.ViewportMetrics

  • Enclosing class:

    public static final class FlutterRenderer.ViewportMetrics
    extends Object
    Mutable data structure that holds all viewport metrics properties that Flutter cares about.

    All distance measurements, e.g., width, height, padding, viewInsets, are measured in device pixels, not logical pixels.

    • Field Detail

      • unsetValue

        public static final int unsetValue
        A value that indicates the setting has not been set.
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
      • devicePixelRatio

        public float devicePixelRatio
      • width

        public int width
      • height

        public int height
      • viewPaddingTop

        public int viewPaddingTop
      • viewPaddingRight

        public int viewPaddingRight
      • viewPaddingBottom

        public int viewPaddingBottom
      • viewPaddingLeft

        public int viewPaddingLeft
      • viewInsetTop

        public int viewInsetTop
      • viewInsetRight

        public int viewInsetRight
      • viewInsetBottom

        public int viewInsetBottom
      • viewInsetLeft

        public int viewInsetLeft
      • systemGestureInsetTop

        public int systemGestureInsetTop
      • systemGestureInsetRight

        public int systemGestureInsetRight
      • systemGestureInsetBottom

        public int systemGestureInsetBottom
      • systemGestureInsetLeft

        public int systemGestureInsetLeft
      • physicalTouchSlop

        public int physicalTouchSlop
    • Constructor Detail

      • ViewportMetrics

        public ViewportMetrics()