Class PlatformViewsChannel.PlatformViewCreationRequest

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class PlatformViewsChannel.PlatformViewCreationRequest
    extends Object
    Request sent from Flutter to create a new platform view.
    • Field Detail

      • viewId

        public final int viewId
        The ID of the platform view as seen by the Flutter side.
      • viewType

        public final String viewType
        The type of Android View to create for this platform view.
      • logicalWidth

        public final double logicalWidth
        The density independent width to display the platform view.
      • logicalHeight

        public final double logicalHeight
        The density independent height to display the platform view.
      • logicalTop

        public final double logicalTop
        The density independent top position to display the platform view.
      • logicalLeft

        public final double logicalLeft
        The density independent left position to display the platform view.
      • params

        public final ByteBuffer params
        Custom parameters that are unique to the desired platform view.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PlatformViewCreationRequest

        public PlatformViewCreationRequest​(int viewId,
                                           String viewType,
                                           double logicalTop,
                                           double logicalLeft,
                                           double logicalWidth,
                                           double logicalHeight,
                                           int direction,
                                           ByteBuffer params)
        Creates a request to construct a platform view.