Class PlatformViewsChannel.PlatformViewTouch

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class PlatformViewsChannel.PlatformViewTouch
    extends Object
    The state of a touch event in Flutter within a platform view.
    • Field Detail

      • viewId

        public final int viewId
        The ID of the platform view as seen by the Flutter side.
      • downTime

        public final Number downTime
        The amount of time that the touch has been pressed.
      • eventTime

        public final Number eventTime
        TODO(mattcarroll): javadoc
      • action

        public final int action
      • pointerCount

        public final int pointerCount
        The number of pointers (e.g, fingers) involved in the touch event.
      • rawPointerPropertiesList

        public final Object rawPointerPropertiesList
        Properties for each pointer, encoded in a raw format.
      • rawPointerCoords

        public final Object rawPointerCoords
        Coordinates for each pointer, encoded in a raw format.
      • metaState

        public final int metaState
        TODO(mattcarroll): javadoc
      • buttonState

        public final int buttonState
        TODO(mattcarroll): javadoc
      • xPrecision

        public final float xPrecision
        Coordinate precision along the x-axis.
      • yPrecision

        public final float yPrecision
        Coordinate precision along the y-axis.
      • deviceId

        public final int deviceId
        TODO(mattcarroll): javadoc
      • edgeFlags

        public final int edgeFlags
        TODO(mattcarroll): javadoc
      • source

        public final int source
        TODO(mattcarroll): javadoc
      • flags

        public final int flags
        TODO(mattcarroll): javadoc
      • motionEventId

        public final long motionEventId
        TODO(iskakaushik): javadoc
    • Constructor Detail

      • PlatformViewTouch

        public PlatformViewTouch​(int viewId,
                                 Number downTime,
                                 Number eventTime,
                                 int action,
                                 int pointerCount,
                                 Object rawPointerPropertiesList,
                                 Object rawPointerCoords,
                                 int metaState,
                                 int buttonState,
                                 float xPrecision,
                                 float yPrecision,
                                 int deviceId,
                                 int edgeFlags,
                                 int source,
                                 int flags,
                                 long motionEventId)