Interface TextInputChannel.TextInputMethodHandler

Enclosing class:

public static interface TextInputChannel.TextInputMethodHandler
  • Method Details

    • show

      void show()
    • hide

      void hide()
    • requestAutofill

      void requestAutofill()
      Requests that the autofill dropdown menu appear for the current client.

      Has no effect if the current client does not support autofill.

    • finishAutofillContext

      void finishAutofillContext(boolean shouldSave)
      Requests that the AutofillManager cancel or commit the current autofill context.

      The method calls AutofillManager.commit() when shouldSave is true, and calls AutofillManager.cancel() otherwise.

      shouldSave - whether the active autofill service should save the current user input for future use.
    • setClient

      void setClient(int textInputClientId, @NonNull TextInputChannel.Configuration configuration)
    • setPlatformViewClient

      void setPlatformViewClient(int id, boolean usesVirtualDisplay)
      Sets a platform view as the text input client.

      Subsequent calls to createInputConnection will be delegated to the platform view until a different client is set.

      id - the ID of the platform view to be set as a text input client.
      usesVirtualDisplay - True if the platform view uses a virtual display, false if it uses hybrid composition.
    • setEditableSizeAndTransform

      void setEditableSizeAndTransform(double width, double height, @NonNull double[] transform)
      Sets the size and the transform matrix of the current text input client.
      width - the width of text input client. Must be finite.
      height - the height of text input client. Must be finite.
      transform - a 4x4 matrix that maps the local paint coordinate system to coordinate system of the FlutterView that owns the current client.
    • setEditingState

      void setEditingState(@NonNull TextInputChannel.TextEditState editingState)
    • clearClient

      void clearClient()
    • sendAppPrivateCommand

      void sendAppPrivateCommand(@NonNull String action, @NonNull Bundle data)
      Sends client app private command to the current text input client(input method). The app private command result will be informed through performPrivateCommand.
      action - Name of the command to be performed. This must be a scoped name. i.e. prefixed with a package name you own, so that different developers will not create conflicting commands.
      data - Any data to include with the command.