Class TextInputPlugin


public class TextInputPlugin extends Object
Android implementation of the text input plugin.
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    • getInputMethodManager

      @NonNull public InputMethodManager getInputMethodManager()
    • lockPlatformViewInputConnection

      public void lockPlatformViewInputConnection()
      Use the current platform view input connection until unlockPlatformViewInputConnection is called.

      The current input connection instance is cached and any following call to @{link createInputConnection} returns the cached connection until unlockPlatformViewInputConnection is called.

      This is a no-op if the current input target isn't a platform view.

      This is used to preserve an input connection when moving a platform view from one virtual display to another.

    • unlockPlatformViewInputConnection

      public void unlockPlatformViewInputConnection()
      Unlocks the input connection.

      See also: @{link lockPlatformViewInputConnection}.

    • destroy

      public void destroy()
      Detaches the text input plugin from the platform views controller.

      The TextInputPlugin instance should not be used after calling this.

    • createInputConnection

      @Nullable public InputConnection createInputConnection(@NonNull View view, @NonNull KeyboardManager keyboardManager, @NonNull EditorInfo outAttrs)
    • getLastInputConnection

      @Nullable public InputConnection getLastInputConnection()
    • clearPlatformViewClient

      public void clearPlatformViewClient(int platformViewId)
      Clears a platform view text input client if it is the current input target.

      This is called when a platform view is disposed to make sure we're not hanging to a stale input connection.

    • sendTextInputAppPrivateCommand

      public void sendTextInputAppPrivateCommand(@NonNull String action, @NonNull Bundle data)
    • handleKeyEvent

      public boolean handleKeyEvent(@NonNull KeyEvent keyEvent)
    • didChangeEditingState

      public void didChangeEditingState(boolean textChanged, boolean selectionChanged, boolean composingRegionChanged)
    • onProvideAutofillVirtualStructure

      public void onProvideAutofillVirtualStructure(@NonNull ViewStructure structure, int flags)
    • autofill

      public void autofill(@NonNull SparseArray<AutofillValue> values)
    • onConnectionClosed

      public void onConnectionClosed()