Class PlatformViewFactory


public abstract class PlatformViewFactory extends Object
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    • create

      @NonNull public abstract PlatformView create(Context context, int viewId, @Nullable Object args)
      Creates a new Android view to be embedded in the Flutter hierarchy.
      context - the context to be used when creating the view, this is different than FlutterView's context.
      viewId - unique identifier for the created instance, this value is known on the Dart side.
      args - arguments sent from the Flutter app. The bytes for this value are decoded using the createArgsCodec argument passed to the constructor. This is null if createArgsCodec was null, or no arguments were sent from the Flutter app.
    • getCreateArgsCodec

      @Nullable public final MessageCodec<Object> getCreateArgsCodec()
      Returns the codec to be used for decoding the args parameter of create(android.content.Context, int, java.lang.Object).