Interface PlatformViewsAccessibilityDelegate

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    public interface PlatformViewsAccessibilityDelegate
    Facilitates interaction between the accessibility bridge and embedded platform views.
    • Method Detail

      • getPlatformViewById

        View getPlatformViewById​(int viewId)
        Returns the root of the view hierarchy for the platform view with the requested id, or null if there is no corresponding view.
      • usesVirtualDisplay

        boolean usesVirtualDisplay​(int id)
        Returns true if the platform view uses virtual displays.
      • attachAccessibilityBridge

        void attachAccessibilityBridge​(@NonNull
                                       AccessibilityBridge accessibilityBridge)
        Attaches an accessibility bridge for this platform views accessibility delegate.

        Accessibility events originating in platform views belonging to this delegate will be delegated to this accessibility bridge.

      • detachAccessibilityBridge

        void detachAccessibilityBridge()
        Detaches the current accessibility bridge.

        Any accessibility events sent by platform views belonging to this delegate will be ignored until a new accessibility bridge is attached.