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<FlutterAppLifeCycleProvider> Protocol Reference

#import <FlutterPlugin.h>

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Instance Methods

(void) - addApplicationLifeCycleDelegate:

Detailed Description

Implement this in the UIAppDelegate of your app to enable Flutter plugins to register themselves to the application life cycle events.

For plugins to receive events from UNUserNotificationCenter, register this as the UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate.

Definition at line 436 of file FlutterPlugin.h.

Method Documentation

◆ addApplicationLifeCycleDelegate:

- (void) addApplicationLifeCycleDelegate: (NSObject< FlutterApplicationLifeCycleDelegate > *)  delegate

Called when registering a new FlutterApplicaitonLifeCycleDelegate.

See also: -[FlutterAppDelegate addApplicationLifeCycleDelegate:]

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