Flutter iOS Embedder
<FlutterPlatformViewFactory> Protocol Reference

#import <FlutterPlatformViews.h>

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Instance Methods

(NSObject< FlutterPlatformView > *) - createWithFrame:viewIdentifier:arguments:
(NSObject< FlutterMessageCodec > *) - createArgsCodec

Detailed Description

Definition at line 26 of file FlutterPlatformViews.h.

Method Documentation

◆ createArgsCodec

- (NSObject<FlutterMessageCodec>*) createArgsCodec

Returns the FlutterMessageCodec for decoding the args parameter of createWithFrame.

Only needs to be implemented if createWithFrame needs an arguments parameter.

◆ createWithFrame:viewIdentifier:arguments:

- (NSObject<FlutterPlatformView>*) createWithFrame: (CGRect)  frame
viewIdentifier: (int64_t)  viewId
arguments: (id _Nullable)  args 

Create a FlutterPlatformView.

Implemented by iOS code that expose a UIView for embedding in a Flutter app.

The implementation of this method should create a new UIView and return it.

frameThe rectangle for the newly created UIView measured in points.
viewIdA unique identifier for this UIView.
argsParameters for creating the UIView sent from the Dart side of the Flutter app. If createArgsCodec is not implemented, or if no creation arguments were sent from the Dart code, this will be null. Otherwise this will be the value sent from the Dart code as decoded by createArgsCodec.

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