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<FlutterTextureRegistry> Protocol Reference

#import <FlutterTexture.h>

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FlutterEngine() FlutterTextureRegistryRelay FlutterViewController

Instance Methods

(int64_t) - registerTexture:
(void) - textureFrameAvailable:
(void) - unregisterTexture:

Detailed Description

A collection of registered FlutterTexture's.

Definition at line 38 of file FlutterTexture.h.

Method Documentation

◆ registerTexture:

- (int64_t) registerTexture: (NSObject< FlutterTexture > *)  texture

Registers a FlutterTexture for usage in Flutter and returns an id that can be used to reference that texture when calling into Flutter with channels. Textures must be registered on the platform thread. On success returns the pointer to the registered texture, else returns 0.

◆ textureFrameAvailable:

- (void) textureFrameAvailable: (int64_t)  textureId

Notifies Flutter that the content of the previously registered texture has been updated.

This will trigger a call to -[FlutterTexture copyPixelBuffer] on the raster thread.

◆ unregisterTexture:

- (void) unregisterTexture: (int64_t)  textureId

Unregisters a FlutterTexture that has previously regeistered with registerTexture:. Textures must be unregistered on the platform thread.

textureIdThe result that was previously returned from registerTexture:.

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