Class KeyData


public class KeyData extends Object
The resulting Flutter key events generated by KeyEmbedderResponder, and are sent through the messenger after being marshalled with toBytes().

This class is the Java adaption of KeyData and KeyDataPacket in the C engine. Changes made to either side must also be made to the other.

Each KeyData corresponds to a ui.KeyData in the framework.

  • Field Details


      public static final String CHANNEL
      The channel that key data should be sent through.

      Must be kept in sync with kFlutterKeyDataChannel in

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  • Constructor Details

    • KeyData

      public KeyData()
      Creates an empty KeyData.
    • KeyData

      public KeyData(@NonNull ByteBuffer buffer)
      Unmarshal fields from a buffer.

      For the binary format, see lib/ui/window/key_data_packet.h.