Class KeyboardMap.TogglingGoal

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class KeyboardMap.TogglingGoal
    extends Object
    A configuration item that defines how to synchronize toggling modifiers (such as CapsLock), so that the KeyEmbedderResponder must synthesize events until the enabling state of the key matches the true meta state masked by mask.

    The objects of this class are mutable. The enabled field will be used to store the current enabling state.

    • Field Detail

      • mask

        public final int mask
      • physicalKey

        public final long physicalKey
      • logicalKey

        public final long logicalKey
      • enabled

        public boolean enabled
        Used by KeyEmbedderResponder to store the current enabling state of this modifier.

        Initialized as false.

    • Constructor Detail

      • TogglingGoal

        public TogglingGoal​(int mask,
                            long physicalKey,
                            long logicalKey)