Class DartExecutor.DartEntrypoint

Enclosing class:

public static class DartExecutor.DartEntrypoint extends Object
Configuration options that specify which Dart entrypoint function is executed and where to find that entrypoint and other assets required for Dart execution.
  • Field Details

    • pathToBundle

      @NonNull public final String pathToBundle
      The path within the AssetManager where the app will look for assets.
    • dartEntrypointLibrary

      @Nullable public final String dartEntrypointLibrary
      The library or file location that contains the Dart entrypoint function.
    • dartEntrypointFunctionName

      @NonNull public final String dartEntrypointFunctionName
      The name of a Dart function to execute.
  • Constructor Details

    • DartEntrypoint

      public DartEntrypoint(@NonNull String pathToBundle, @NonNull String dartEntrypointFunctionName)
    • DartEntrypoint

      public DartEntrypoint(@NonNull String pathToBundle, @NonNull String dartEntrypointLibrary, @NonNull String dartEntrypointFunctionName)
  • Method Details

    • createDefault

      @NonNull public static DartExecutor.DartEntrypoint createDefault()
      Create a DartEntrypoint pointing to the default Flutter assets location with a default Dart entrypoint.
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