Class FlutterMutatorView

    • Constructor Detail

      • FlutterMutatorView

        public FlutterMutatorView​(@NonNull
                                  Context context,
                                  float screenDensity,
                                  AndroidTouchProcessor androidTouchProcessor)
        Initialize the FlutterMutatorView. Use this to set the screenDensity, which will be used to correct the final transform matrix.
      • FlutterMutatorView

        public FlutterMutatorView​(@NonNull
                                  Context context)
        Initialize the FlutterMutatorView.
    • Method Detail

      • setOnDescendantFocusChangeListener

        public void setOnDescendantFocusChangeListener​(@NonNull
                                                       View.OnFocusChangeListener userFocusListener)
        Sets a focus change listener that notifies when the current view or any of its descendant views have received focus.

        If there's an active focus listener, it will first remove the current listener, and then add the new one.

        userFocusListener - A user provided focus listener.
      • unsetOnDescendantFocusChangeListener

        public void unsetOnDescendantFocusChangeListener()
        Unsets any active focus listener.
      • readyToDisplay

        public void readyToDisplay​(@NonNull
                                   FlutterMutatorsStack mutatorsStack,
                                   int left,
                                   int top,
                                   int width,
                                   int height)
        Pass the necessary parameters to the view so it can apply correct mutations to its children.
      • draw

        public void draw​(Canvas canvas)
        draw in class View
      • onInterceptTouchEvent

        public boolean onInterceptTouchEvent​(MotionEvent event)
        Intercept the events here and do not propagate them to the child platform views.
        onInterceptTouchEvent in class ViewGroup