Class FlutterMutatorsStack


public class FlutterMutatorsStack extends Object
The mutator stack containing a list of mutators

The mutators can be applied to a PlatformView to perform a series mutations. See FlutterMutatorsStack.FlutterMutator for informations on Mutators.

  • Constructor Details

    • FlutterMutatorsStack

      public FlutterMutatorsStack()
      Initialize the mutator stack.
  • Method Details

    • pushTransform

      public void pushTransform(float[] values)
      Push a transform FlutterMutatorsStack.FlutterMutator to the stack.
      values - the transform matrix to be pushed to the stack. The array matches how a Matrix is constructed.
    • pushClipRect

      public void pushClipRect(int left, int top, int right, int bottom)
      Push a clipRect FlutterMutatorsStack.FlutterMutator to the stack.
    • pushClipRRect

      public void pushClipRRect(int left, int top, int right, int bottom, float[] radiis)
      Push a clipRRect FlutterMutatorsStack.FlutterMutator to the stack.
      left - left offset of the rrect.
      top - top offset of the rrect.
      right - right position of the rrect.
      bottom - bottom position of the rrect.
      radiis - the radiis of the rrect. It must be size of 8, including an x and y for each corner.
    • getMutators

      Get a list of all the raw mutators. The 0 index of the returned list is the top of the stack.
    • getFinalClippingPaths

      public List<Path> getFinalClippingPaths()
      Get a list of all the clipping operations. All the clipping operations -- whether it is clip rect, clip rrect, or clip path -- are converted into Paths. The paths are also transformed with the matrix that up to their stack positions. For example: If the stack looks like (from top to bottom): TransA -> ClipA -> TransB -> ClipB, the final paths will look like [TransA*ClipA, TransA*TransB*ClipB].

      Clipping this list to the parent canvas of a view results the final clipping path.

    • getFinalMatrix

      public Matrix getFinalMatrix()
      Returns the final matrix. Apply this matrix to the canvas of a view results the final transformation of the view.