Class FlutterMutatorsStack.FlutterMutator

    • Constructor Detail

      • FlutterMutator

        public FlutterMutator​(Rect rect)
        Initialize a clip rect mutator.
        rect - the rect to be clipped.
      • FlutterMutator

        public FlutterMutator​(Rect rect,
                              float[] radiis)
        Initialize a clip rrect mutator.
        rect - the rect of the rrect
        radiis - the radiis of the rrect. Array of 8 values, 4 pairs of [X,Y]. This value cannot be null.
      • FlutterMutator

        public FlutterMutator​(Path path)
        Initialize a clip path mutator.
        path - the path to be clipped.
      • FlutterMutator

        public FlutterMutator​(Matrix matrix)
        Initialize a transform mutator.
        matrix - the transform matrix to apply.
    • Method Detail

      • getRect

        public Rect getRect()
        Get the rect of the mutator if the getType() returns FlutterMutatorType.CLIP_RECT.
        the clipping rect if the type is FlutterMutatorType.CLIP_RECT; otherwise null.
      • getPath

        public Path getPath()
        Get the path of the mutator if the getType() returns FlutterMutatorType.CLIP_PATH.
        the clipping path if the type is FlutterMutatorType.CLIP_PATH; otherwise null.
      • getMatrix

        public Matrix getMatrix()
        Get the matrix of the mutator if the getType() returns FlutterMutatorType.TRANSFORM.
        the matrix if the type is FlutterMutatorType.TRANSFORM; otherwise null.