Class PlatformChannel


public class PlatformChannel extends Object
System channel that receives requests for host platform behavior, e.g., haptic and sound effects, system chrome configurations, and clipboard interaction.
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    • PlatformChannel

      public PlatformChannel(@NonNull DartExecutor dartExecutor)
      Constructs a PlatformChannel that connects Android to the Dart code running in dartExecutor.

      The given dartExecutor is permitted to be idle or executing code.

      See DartExecutor.

  • Method Details

    • setPlatformMessageHandler

      public void setPlatformMessageHandler(@Nullable PlatformChannel.PlatformMessageHandler platformMessageHandler)
      Sets the PlatformChannel.PlatformMessageHandler which receives all events and requests that are parsed from the underlying platform channel.
    • systemChromeChanged

      public void systemChromeChanged(boolean overlaysAreVisible)
      Informs Flutter of a change in the SystemUI overlays.