Class StringCodec

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    public final class StringCodec
    extends Object
    implements MessageCodec<String>
    A MessageCodec using UTF-8 encoded String messages.

    This codec is guaranteed to be compatible with the corresponding StringCodec on the Dart side. These parts of the Flutter SDK are evolved synchronously.

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      • encodeMessage

        public ByteBuffer encodeMessage​(@Nullable
                                        String message)
        Description copied from interface: MessageCodec
        Encodes the specified message into binary.
        Specified by:
        encodeMessage in interface MessageCodec<String>
        message - the T message, possibly null.
        a ByteBuffer containing the encoding between position 0 and the current position, or null, if message is null.
      • decodeMessage

        public String decodeMessage​(@Nullable
                                    ByteBuffer message)
        Description copied from interface: MessageCodec
        Decodes the specified message from binary.

        Warning: The ByteBuffer is "direct" and it won't be valid beyond this call. Storing the ByteBuffer and using it later and will lead to a java.nio.BufferUnderflowException. If you want to retain the data you'll need to copy it.

        Specified by:
        decodeMessage in interface MessageCodec<String>
        message - the ByteBuffer message, possibly null.
        a T value representation of the bytes between the given buffer's current position and its limit, or null, if message is null.