Interface TextureRegistry.SurfaceTextureEntry

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static interface TextureRegistry.SurfaceTextureEntry
    A registry entry for a managed SurfaceTexture.
    • Method Detail

      • surfaceTexture

        SurfaceTexture surfaceTexture()
        The managed SurfaceTexture.
      • id

        long id()
        The identity of this SurfaceTexture.
      • release

        void release()
        Deregisters and releases this SurfaceTexture.
      • setOnFrameConsumedListener

        default void setOnFrameConsumedListener​(@Nullable
                                                TextureRegistry.OnFrameConsumedListener listener)
        Set a listener that will be notified when the most recent image has been consumed.
      • setOnTrimMemoryListener

        default void setOnTrimMemoryListener​(@Nullable
                                             TextureRegistry.OnTrimMemoryListener listener)
        Set a listener that will be notified when a memory pressure warning was forward.