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static void fl_message_codec_class_init (FlMessageCodecClass *klass)
static void fl_message_codec_init (FlMessageCodec *self)
G_MODULE_EXPORT GBytes * fl_message_codec_encode_message (FlMessageCodec *self, FlValue *message, GError **error)
G_MODULE_EXPORT FlValuefl_message_codec_decode_message (FlMessageCodec *self, GBytes *message, GError **error)

Function Documentation

◆ fl_message_codec_class_init()

static void fl_message_codec_class_init ( FlMessageCodecClass *  klass)

Definition at line 13 of file fl_message_codec.cc.

13 {}

◆ fl_message_codec_decode_message()

G_MODULE_EXPORT FlValue* fl_message_codec_decode_message ( FlMessageCodec *  codec,
GBytes *  message,
GError **  error 

fl_message_codec_decode_message: @codec: an #FlMessageCodec. @message: binary message to decode. @error: (allow-none): #GError location to store the error occurring, or NULL.

Decodes a message from a binary encoding.

Returns: an FlValue or NULL on error.

Definition at line 33 of file fl_message_codec.cc.

35  {
36  g_return_val_if_fail(FL_IS_MESSAGE_CODEC(self), nullptr);
37  g_return_val_if_fail(message != nullptr, nullptr);
39  return FL_MESSAGE_CODEC_GET_CLASS(self)->decode_message(self, message, error);
40 }

References error.

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◆ fl_message_codec_encode_message()

G_MODULE_EXPORT GBytes* fl_message_codec_encode_message ( FlMessageCodec *  codec,
FlValue message,
GError **  error 

fl_message_codec_encode_message: @codec: an #FlMessageCodec. @buffer: buffer to write to. @message: message to encode or NULL to encode the null value. @error: (allow-none): #GError location to store the error occurring, or NULL.

Encodes a message into a binary representation.

Returns: a binary encoded message or NULL on error.

Definition at line 17 of file fl_message_codec.cc.

19  {
20  g_return_val_if_fail(FL_IS_MESSAGE_CODEC(self), nullptr);
22  // If the user provided NULL, then make a temporary FlValue object for this to
23  // make it simpler for the subclasses.
24  g_autoptr(FlValue) null_value = nullptr;
25  if (message == nullptr) {
26  null_value = fl_value_new_null();
27  message = null_value;
28  }
30  return FL_MESSAGE_CODEC_GET_CLASS(self)->encode_message(self, message, error);
31 }

References error, and fl_value_new_null().

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◆ fl_message_codec_init()

static void fl_message_codec_init ( FlMessageCodec *  self)

Definition at line 15 of file fl_message_codec.cc.

15 {}
typedefG_BEGIN_DECLS struct _FlValue FlValue
Definition: fl_value.h:42
G_MODULE_EXPORT FlValue * fl_value_new_null()
Definition: fl_value.cc:251
const uint8_t uint32_t uint32_t GError ** error
Definition: fl_pixel_buffer_texture_test.cc:40