Flutter Linux Embedder
fl_texture_private.h File Reference
#include "flutter/shell/platform/embedder/embedder.h"
#include "flutter/shell/platform/linux/public/flutter_linux/fl_texture.h"

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G_BEGIN_DECLS void fl_texture_set_id (FlTexture *texture, int64_t id)

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◆ fl_texture_set_id()

G_BEGIN_DECLS void fl_texture_set_id ( FlTexture *  texture,
int64_t  id 

fl_texture_set_id: @texture: an #FlTexture. @id: a texture ID.

Set the ID for a texture.

Definition at line 15 of file fl_texture.cc.

15  {
16  g_return_if_fail(FL_IS_TEXTURE(self));
17  FL_TEXTURE_GET_IFACE(self)->set_id(self, id);
18 }

Referenced by register_texture(), and TEST().