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_FlTextureGLClass Struct Reference

#include <fl_texture_gl.h>

Public Attributes

GObjectClass parent_class
: (out): name of texture.

Virtual method called when Flutter populates this texture. The OpenGL context used by Flutter has been already set. @texture: an #FlTexture. @target: texture target (example GL_TEXTURE_2D or GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE).

@width: (inout): width of the texture in pixels. @height: (inout): height of the texture in pixels. @error: (allow-none): #GError location to store the error occurring, or NULL to ignore.

Returns: TRUE on success.

gboolean(* populate )(FlTextureGL *texture, uint32_t *target, uint32_t *name, uint32_t *width, uint32_t *height, GError **error)

Detailed Description


#FlTextureGL is an abstract class that represents an OpenGL texture.

If you want to render textures in other OpenGL context, create and use the #GdkGLContext by calling gdk_window_create_gl_context () with the #GdkWindow of #FlView. The context will be shared with the one used by Flutter.

The following example shows how to implement an #FlTextureGL. ![ #include <epoxy/gl.h>

struct _MyTextureGL { FlTextureGL parent_instance;

GLuint texture_id; };

G_DEFINE_TYPE(MyTextureGL, my_texture_gl, fl_texture_gl_get_type ())

static gboolean my_texture_gl_populate (FlTextureGL *texture, uint32_t *target, uint32_t *name, uint32_t *width, uint32_t *height, GError **error) { MyTextureGL *self = MY_TEXTURE_GL (texture); if (self->texture_id == 0) { glGenTextures (1, &self->texture_id); glBindTexture (GL_TEXTURE_2D, self->texture_id); // further configuration here. } else { glBindTexture (GL_TEXTURE_2D, self->texture_id); }

// For example, we render pixel buffer here. // Note that Flutter only accepts textures in GL_RGBA8 format. static char buffer[] = { 0x1f, 0x2f, 0x3f, 0x4f }; // 1x1 pixel. glTexImage2D (GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0, GL_RGBA8, 1, 1, 0, GL_RGBA, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, buffer);

*target = GL_TEXTURE_2D; *name = self->texture_id; *width = 1; *height = 1;

return TRUE; }

static void my_texture_class_init(MyTextureClass* klass) { FL_TEXTURE_GL_CLASS(klass)->populate = my_texture_gl_populate; }

static void my_texture_init(MyTexture* self) {} ]|

Definition at line 83 of file fl_texture_gl.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ parent_class

GObjectClass _FlTextureGLClass::parent_class

Definition at line 84 of file fl_texture_gl.h.

◆ populate

gboolean(* _FlTextureGLClass::populate) (FlTextureGL *texture, uint32_t *target, uint32_t *name, uint32_t *width, uint32_t *height, GError **error)

Definition at line 99 of file fl_texture_gl.h.

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