Flutter Linux Embedder
FlKeyEmbedderCheckedKey Struct Reference

#include <fl_key_embedder_responder_private.h>

Public Attributes

uint64_t primary_physical_key
uint64_t primary_logical_key
uint64_t secondary_logical_key
bool is_caps_lock

Detailed Description


The information for a key that #FlKeyEmbedderResponder should keep state synchronous on. For every record of FlKeyEmbedderCheckedKey, the responder will check the #GdkEvent::state and the internal state, and synchronize events if they don't match.

FlKeyEmbedderCheckedKey can synchronize pressing states (such as whether ControlLeft is pressed) or lock states (such as whether CapsLock is enabled).

FlKeyEmbedderCheckedKey has a "primary key". For pressing states, the primary key is the left of the modifiers. For lock states, the primary key is the key.

FlKeyEmbedderCheckedKey may also have a "secondary key". It is only available to pressing states, which is the right of the modifiers.

Definition at line 34 of file fl_key_embedder_responder_private.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ is_caps_lock

◆ primary_logical_key

◆ primary_physical_key

◆ secondary_logical_key

uint64_t FlKeyEmbedderCheckedKey::secondary_logical_key

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