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FlutterDartProject() Category Reference

#import <FlutterDartProject_Internal.h>

Instance Methods

(nonnull instancetype) - initWithAssetsPath:ICUDataPath:

Class Methods

(NSString *) + flutterAssetsNameWithBundle:


NSString * assetsPath
NSString * ICUDataPath
void(* rootIsolateCreateCallback )(void *_Nullable)
BOOL enableImpeller

Detailed Description

Provides access to data needed to construct a FlutterProjectArgs for the project.

Definition at line 16 of file FlutterDartProject.mm.

Method Documentation

◆ flutterAssetsNameWithBundle:

+ (NSString*) flutterAssetsNameWithBundle: (NSBundle *)  bundle

Get the Flutter assets name path by pass the bundle. If bundle is nil, we use the main bundle as default.

◆ initWithAssetsPath:ICUDataPath:

- (nonnull instancetype) initWithAssetsPath: (nonnull NSString *)  assets

Instead of looking up the assets and ICU data path in the application bundle, this initializer allows callers to create a Dart project with custom locations specified for the both.

Property Documentation

◆ assetsPath

- (NSString*) assetsPath

The path to the Flutter assets directory.

Definition at line 22 of file FlutterDartProject_Internal.h.

◆ enableImpeller

- (BOOL) enableImpeller

Whether the Impeller rendering backend is enabled

Definition at line 37 of file FlutterDartProject_Internal.h.

◆ ICUDataPath

- (NSString*) ICUDataPath

The path to the ICU data file.

Definition at line 27 of file FlutterDartProject_Internal.h.

◆ rootIsolateCreateCallback

- (void(* rootIsolateCreateCallback) (void *_Nullable))

The callback invoked by the engine in root isolate scope.

Definition at line 32 of file FlutterDartProject_Internal.h.

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