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FlutterEngineTerminationHandler Class Reference

#import <FlutterEngine_Internal.h>

Inheritance diagram for FlutterEngineTerminationHandler:

Instance Methods

(instancetype) - initWithEngine:terminator:
(void) - handleRequestAppExitMethodCall:result:
(void) - requestApplicationTermination:exitType:result:


BOOL shouldTerminate
BOOL acceptingRequests

Detailed Description

A handler interface for handling application termination that the FlutterAppDelegate can use to coordinate an application exit by sending messages through the platform channel managed by the engine.

Definition at line 180 of file FlutterEngine.mm.

Method Documentation

◆ handleRequestAppExitMethodCall:result:

- (void) handleRequestAppExitMethodCall: (NSDictionary<NSString*, id>*)  data
result: (FlutterResult result 

Definition at line 205 of file FlutterEngine.mm.

205  :(NSDictionary<NSString*, id>*)arguments
206  result:(FlutterResult)result {
207  NSString* type = arguments[@"type"];
208  // Ignore the "exitCode" value in the arguments because AppKit doesn't have
209  // any good way to set the process exit code other than calling exit(), and
210  // that bypasses all of the native applicationShouldExit shutdown events,
211  // etc., which we don't want to skip.
213  FlutterAppExitType exitType =
214  [type isEqualTo:@"cancelable"] ? kFlutterAppExitTypeCancelable : kFlutterAppExitTypeRequired;
216  [self requestApplicationTermination:[NSApplication sharedApplication]
217  exitType:exitType
218  result:result];
219 }

References requestApplicationTermination:exitType:result:.

◆ initWithEngine:terminator:

- (instancetype) initWithEngine: (FlutterEngine *)  engine
terminator: (nullable FlutterTerminationCallback terminator 

◆ requestApplicationTermination:exitType:result:

- (void) requestApplicationTermination: (NSApplication *)  sender
exitType: (FlutterAppExitType)  type
result: (nullable FlutterResult result 

Property Documentation

◆ acceptingRequests

- (BOOL) acceptingRequests

Definition at line 58 of file FlutterEngine_Internal.h.

◆ shouldTerminate

- (BOOL) shouldTerminate

Definition at line 57 of file FlutterEngine_Internal.h.

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void(^ FlutterResult)(id _Nullable result)
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