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FlutterExternalTexture Class Reference

#import <FlutterExternalTexture.h>

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Instance Methods

(nonnull instancetype) - initWithFlutterTexture:darwinMetalContext:
(int64_t) - textureID
(BOOL) - populateTexture:

Detailed Description

Embedding side texture wrappers for Metal external textures. Used to bridge FlutterTexture object and handle the texture copy request the Flutter engine.

Definition at line 15 of file FlutterExternalTexture.h.

Method Documentation

◆ initWithFlutterTexture:darwinMetalContext:

- (nonnull instancetype) initWithFlutterTexture: (nonnull id< FlutterTexture >)  texture
darwinMetalContext: (nonnull FlutterDarwinContextMetalSkia *)  context 

Initializes a texture adapter with |texture|.

◆ populateTexture:

- (BOOL) populateTexture: (nonnull FlutterMetalExternalTexture *)  metalTexture

Accepts texture buffer copy request from the Flutter engine. When the user side marks the textureID as available, the Flutter engine will callback to this method and ask for populate the |metalTexture| object, such as the texture type and the format of the pixel buffer and the texture object.

Referenced by flutter::testing::TEST_F().

◆ textureID

- (int64_t) textureID

Returns the ID for the FlutterExternalTexture instance.

Definition at line 30 of file FlutterExternalTexture.mm.

30  {
31  return _textureID;
32 }

References _textureID.

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int64_t _textureID
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