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FlutterMenuDelegate Class Reference
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Instance Methods

(instancetype) - initWithIdentifier:channel:

Detailed Description

An NSMenuDelegate used to listen for changes in the menu when it opens and closes.

Definition at line 159 of file FlutterMenuPlugin.mm.

Method Documentation

◆ initWithIdentifier:channel:

- (instancetype) initWithIdentifier: (int64_t)  identifier
channel: (FlutterMethodChannel*)  channel 

When this delegate receives notification that the menu opened or closed, it will send a message on the given channel to that effect for the menu item with the given id (the ID comes from the data supplied by the framework to |FlutterMenuPlugin.setMenus|).

Definition at line 174 of file FlutterMenuPlugin.mm.

174  :(int64_t)identifier channel:(FlutterMethodChannel*)channel {
175  self = [super init];
176  if (self) {
177  _identifier = identifier;
178  _channel = channel;
179  }
180  return self;
181 }

References _identifier.

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Definition: FlutterChannels.h:220
int64_t _identifier
Definition: FlutterMenuPlugin.mm:169