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FlutterStandardWriter Class Reference

#import <FlutterCodecs.h>

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Instance Methods

(instancetype) - initWithData:
(void) - writeByte:
(void) - writeBytes:length:
(void) - writeData:
(void) - writeSize:
(void) - writeAlignment:
(void) - writeUTF8:
(void) - writeValue:

Detailed Description

A writer of the Flutter standard binary encoding.

See FlutterStandardMessageCodec for details on the encoding.

The encoding is extensible via subclasses overriding writeValue.

Definition at line 92 of file FlutterCodecs.h.

Method Documentation

◆ initWithData:

- (instancetype) initWithData: (NSMutableData*)  data
Initial value:
NSMutableData* _data

Create a FlutterStandardWriter who will write to data.

Definition at line 206 of file FlutterStandardCodec.mm.

206  :(NSMutableData*)data {
207  self = [super init];
208  NSAssert(self, @"Super init cannot be nil");
209  _data = data;
210  return self;
211 }

◆ writeAlignment:

- (void) writeAlignment: (UInt8)  alignment

Write zero padding until data is aligned with alignment.

Definition at line 229 of file FlutterStandardCodec.mm.

229  :(UInt8)alignment {
230  FlutterStandardCodecHelperWriteAlignment((__bridge CFMutableDataRef)_data, alignment);
231 }

References FlutterStandardCodecHelperWriteAlignment().

◆ writeByte:

- (void) writeByte: (UInt8)  value

Write a 8-bit byte.

Definition at line 213 of file FlutterStandardCodec.mm.

213  :(UInt8)value {
214  FlutterStandardCodecHelperWriteByte((__bridge CFMutableDataRef)_data, value);
215 }

References FlutterStandardCodecHelperWriteByte().

Referenced by ExtendedWriter::writeValue:.

◆ writeBytes:length:

- (void) writeBytes: (const void*)  bytes
length: (NSUInteger)  length 

Write an array of bytes of size length.

Definition at line 217 of file FlutterStandardCodec.mm.

217  :(const void*)bytes length:(NSUInteger)length {
218  FlutterStandardCodecHelperWriteBytes((__bridge CFMutableDataRef)_data, bytes, length);
219 }

References FlutterStandardCodecHelperWriteBytes().

Referenced by ExtendedWriter::writeValue:.

◆ writeData:

- (void) writeData: (NSData*)  data

Write an array of bytes contained in data.

Definition at line 221 of file FlutterStandardCodec.mm.

221  :(NSData*)data {
222  FlutterStandardCodecHelperWriteData((__bridge CFMutableDataRef)_data, (__bridge CFDataRef)data);
223 }

References FlutterStandardCodecHelperWriteData().

◆ writeSize:

- (void) writeSize: (UInt32)  size

Write 32-bit unsigned integer that represents a size of a collection.

Definition at line 225 of file FlutterStandardCodec.mm.

225  :(UInt32)size {
226  FlutterStandardCodecHelperWriteSize((__bridge CFMutableDataRef)_data, size);
227 }

References FlutterStandardCodecHelperWriteSize().

◆ writeUTF8:

- (void) writeUTF8: (NSString*)  value

Write a string with UTF-8 encoding.

Definition at line 233 of file FlutterStandardCodec.mm.

233  :(NSString*)value {
234  FlutterStandardCodecHelperWriteUTF8((__bridge CFMutableDataRef)_data,
235  (__bridge CFStringRef)value);
236 }

References FlutterStandardCodecHelperWriteUTF8().

◆ writeValue:

- (void) writeValue: (id)  value

Introspects into an object and writes its representation.

Supported Data Types:

  • NSNull
  • NSNumber
  • NSString (as UTF-8)
  • FlutterStandardTypedData
  • NSArray of supported types
  • NSDictionary of supporte types

NSAsserts on failure.

Reimplemented in ExtendedWriter.

Definition at line 347 of file FlutterStandardCodec.mm.

347  :(id)value {
348  FlutterStandardCodecObjcType type = GetWriteType(value);
349  WriteValueOfType((__bridge CFTypeRef)self, (__bridge CFMutableDataRef)self->_data, type,
350  (__bridge CFTypeRef)value);
351 }

Referenced by ExtendedWriter::writeValue:.

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