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#import <FlutterView.h>

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Instance Methods

(nullable instancetype) - initWithMTLDevice:commandQueue:delegate:threadSynchronizer:viewId:
(nullable instancetype) - initWithFrame:pixelFormat:
(nonnull instancetype) - initWithFrame:
(nullable instancetype) - initWithCoder:
(nonnull instancetype) - NS_UNAVAILABLE
(void) - setBackgroundColor:



Detailed Description

View capable of acting as a rendering target and input source for the Flutter engine.

Definition at line 48 of file FlutterView.h.

Method Documentation

◆ initWithCoder:

- (nullable instancetype) initWithCoder: (nonnull NSCoder *)  NS_UNAVAILABLE

◆ initWithFrame:

- (nonnull instancetype) initWithFrame: (NSRect)  NS_UNAVAILABLE

◆ initWithFrame:pixelFormat:

- (nullable instancetype) initWithFrame: (NSRect)  frameRect
pixelFormat: (nullable NSOpenGLPixelFormat *)  NS_UNAVAILABLE 

◆ initWithMTLDevice:commandQueue:delegate:threadSynchronizer:viewId:

- (nullable instancetype) initWithMTLDevice: (nonnull id< MTLDevice >)  device
commandQueue: (nonnull id< MTLCommandQueue >)  commandQueue
delegate: (nonnull id< FlutterViewDelegate >)  delegate
threadSynchronizer: (nonnull FlutterThreadSynchronizer *)  threadSynchronizer

Initialize a FlutterView that will be rendered to using Metal rendering apis.


- (nonnull instancetype) NS_UNAVAILABLE

◆ setBackgroundColor:

- (void) setBackgroundColor: (nonnull NSColor *)  color

By default, the FlutterSurfaceManager creates two layers to manage Flutter content, the content layer and containing layer. To set the native background color, onto which the Flutter content is drawn, call this method with the NSColor which you would like to override the default, black background color with.

Property Documentation

◆ surfaceManager

- (FlutterSurfaceManager *) surfaceManager

Returns SurfaceManager for this view. SurfaceManager is responsible for providing and presenting render surfaces.

Definition at line 69 of file FlutterView.h.

Referenced by flutter::FlutterCompositor::CreateBackingStore(), and flutter::FlutterCompositor::Present().

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