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MockBinaryMessenger Class Reference
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NSString * channel
NSData * message
NSMutableDictionary< NSString *, FlutterBinaryMessageHandler > * handlers

Additional Inherited Members

- Instance Methods inherited from <FlutterBinaryMessenger>
(NSObject< FlutterTaskQueue > *) - makeBackgroundTaskQueue
 TODO(gaaclarke): Remove optional when macos supports Background Platform Channels. More...
(FlutterBinaryMessengerConnection- setMessageHandlerOnChannel:binaryMessageHandler:taskQueue:
(void) - sendOnChannel:message:
(void) - sendOnChannel:message:binaryReply:
(FlutterBinaryMessengerConnection- setMessageHandlerOnChannel:binaryMessageHandler:
(void) - cleanUpConnection:

Detailed Description

Definition at line 13 of file FlutterChannelsTest.m.

Property Documentation

◆ channel

- (NSString*) channel

Definition at line 14 of file FlutterChannelsTest.m.

◆ handlers

- (NSMutableDictionary<NSString*, FlutterBinaryMessageHandler>*) handlers

Definition at line 16 of file FlutterChannelsTest.m.

◆ message

- (NSData*) message

Definition at line 15 of file FlutterChannelsTest.m.

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