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<FlutterKeyPrimaryResponder> Protocol Reference

#import <FlutterKeyPrimaryResponder.h>

Inheritance diagram for <FlutterKeyPrimaryResponder>:
FlutterChannelKeyResponder FlutterEmbedderKeyResponder

Instance Methods

(void) - handleEvent:callback:
(void) - syncModifiersIfNeeded:timestamp:


NSMutableDictionary< NSNumber *, NSNumber * > * layoutMap

Detailed Description

An interface for a responder that can process a key event and decides whether to handle an event asynchronously.

To use this class, add it to a |FlutterKeyboardManager| with |addPrimaryResponder|.

Definition at line 15 of file FlutterKeyPrimaryResponder.h.

Method Documentation

◆ handleEvent:callback:

- (void) handleEvent: (nonnull NSEvent *)  event
callback: (nonnull FlutterAsyncKeyCallback callback 

Process the event.

The |callback| should be called with a value that indicates whether the responder has handled the given event. The |callback| must be called exactly once, and can be called before the return of this method, or after.

Referenced by flutter::testing::TEST(), and flutter::testing::TEST_F().

◆ syncModifiersIfNeeded:timestamp:

- (void) syncModifiersIfNeeded: (NSEventModifierFlags)  modifierFlags
timestamp: (NSTimeInterval)  timestamp 

Synchronize the modifier flags if necessary. The new modifier flag would usually come from mouse event and may be out of sync with current keyboard state if the modifier flags have changed while window was not key.

Reimplemented in FlutterEmbedderKeyResponder.

Referenced by FlutterKeyboardManager::syncModifiersIfNeeded:timestamp:.

Property Documentation

◆ layoutMap

- (NSMutableDictionary<NSNumber*, NSNumber*>*) layoutMap

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