Flutter macOS Embedder
<FlutterPlugin> Protocol Reference

#import <FlutterPluginMacOS.h>

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<FlutterAppLifecycleDelegate> FakeAppDelegatePlugin FlutterMenuPlugin FlutterMouseCursorPlugin

Instance Methods

(void) - handleMethodCall:result:
- Instance Methods inherited from <FlutterAppLifecycleDelegate>
(void) - handleWillFinishLaunching:
(void) - handleDidFinishLaunching:
(void) - handleWillBecomeActive:
(void) - handleDidBecomeActive:
(void) - handleWillResignActive:
(void) - handleDidResignActive:
(void) - handleWillHide:
(void) - handleDidHide:
(void) - handleWillUnhide:
(void) - handleDidUnhide:
(void) - handleDidChangeScreenParameters:
(void) - handleDidChangeOcclusionState:
(BOOL) - handleOpenURLs:
(void) - handleWillTerminate:

Class Methods

(void) + registerWithRegistrar:

Detailed Description

Implemented by the platform side of a Flutter plugin.

Defines a set of optional callback methods and a method to set up the plugin and register it to be called by other application components.

Currently the macOS version of FlutterPlugin has very limited functionality, but is expected to expand over time to more closely match the functionality of the iOS FlutterPlugin.

Definition at line 26 of file FlutterPluginMacOS.h.

Method Documentation

◆ handleMethodCall:result:

- (void) handleMethodCall: (FlutterMethodCall *)  call
result: (FlutterResult result 

Called when a message is sent from Flutter on a channel that a plugin instance has subscribed to via -[FlutterPluginRegistrar addMethodCallDelegate:channel:].

The |result| callback must be called exactly once, with one of:

  • FlutterMethodNotImplemented, if the method call is unknown.
  • A FlutterError, if the method call was understood but there was a problem handling it.
  • Any other value (including nil) to indicate success. The value will be returned to the Flutter caller, and must be serializable to JSON.

Referenced by flutter::testing::TEST_F().

◆ registerWithRegistrar:

+ (void) registerWithRegistrar: (id< FlutterPluginRegistrar >)  registrar

Creates an instance of the plugin to register with |registrar| using the desired FlutterPluginRegistrar methods.

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