Class FlutterActivityDelegate

All Implemented Interfaces:
ComponentCallbacks, ComponentCallbacks2, FlutterActivityEvents, PluginRegistry, PluginRegistry.ActivityResultListener, PluginRegistry.RequestPermissionsResultListener, FlutterView.Provider

@Deprecated public final class FlutterActivityDelegate extends Object implements FlutterActivityEvents, FlutterView.Provider, PluginRegistry
FlutterActivity is the new API that now replaces this class and FlutterActivity. See for more migration details.
Deprecated class that performs the actual work of tying Android Activity instances to Flutter.

This exists as a dedicated class (as opposed to being integrated directly into FlutterActivity) to facilitate applications that don't wish to subclass FlutterActivity. The most obvious example of when this may come in handy is if an application wishes to subclass the Android v4 support library's FragmentActivity.


To wire this class up to your activity, simply forward the events defined in FlutterActivityEvents from your activity to an instance of this class. Optionally, you can make your activity implement PluginRegistry and/or FlutterView.Provider and forward those methods to this class as well.