Interface TextureRegistry.SurfaceProducer

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public static interface TextureRegistry.SurfaceProducer extends TextureRegistry.TextureEntry
Uses a Surface to populate the texture.
  • Method Details

    • setSize

      void setSize(int width, int height)
      Specify the size of this texture in physical pixels
    • getWidth

      int getWidth()
      The currently specified width (physical pixels)
    • getHeight

      int getHeight()
      The currently specified height (physical pixels)
    • getSurface

      Surface getSurface()
      Get a Surface that can be used to update the texture contents.

      NOTE: You should not cache the returned surface but instead invoke getSurface each time you need to draw. The surface may change when the texture is resized or has its format changed.

      a Surface to use for a drawing target for various APIs.
    • scheduleFrame

      void scheduleFrame()